Old stone industry

Klintsbrovik was a shipping port for limestone until 1931. Here, between 1918-1920, an 80 meter long high jetty was built from which the stone was tipped from wagons directly into the ships after being transported from the quarry a 100 meters further inland.
In 2012, the high jetty was demolished due to safety risk, but you can still see where the tracks from the quarry to the jetty was located.

The company that started the limestone quarry at Klintsbrovik was Aktiebolaget Cellulosakalksten.
The company was founded on December 14, 1917 and consisted of eight companies in the wood industry. In January 1918, the constituent general meeting was held and the share capital was increased from SEK 61,000 to SEK 80,000 and it was thus possible to buy the limestone area at Klintsbrovik by Demmor (Dämba) and a beach strip.
The first limestone barges were loaded on 11 and 12 May 1920 after the jetty was completed. In the first year, just over 16,000 tonnes were shipped and the workforce was around 28 men.
However, the business ceased as early as 1931.
Lime burning also took place on Norsholmen by the company Gottlands Fårö Kalkstensaktiebolag.


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