Norsholmen is a peninsula on the northern tip of Fårö.
Mainly known as a place for resting birds. Norsholmen not only has an interesting bird life, but there are also a number of interesting plants. Among other things, Gotland’s only occurrence of small grapef fern is found here.
Here are industrial remains from the 1910s when a limestone shipping port was built during the First World War. Today, only concrete foundations and a few stone mounds of the business remain.
Here you will also find ancient monuments such as a medieval cemetery and a couple of burial grounds.
At the far end of the headland is also Fortuna, clearly visible above the water surface.
Fortuna was a German cargo ship that sank in an autumn storm in 1969 when she was on route with a cargo of caustic soda from Örnsköldsvik to Antwerp.

During the 18th century Norsholmen was called Fennikkeholmen and was an island, but the land uplift has meant that today it is a peninsula. The peninsula is located between Tällevika and Ajkesvik on northern Fårö.


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