Marpes is a Natura 2000-area.
Feel free to bring binoculars. Bicycle and walk-friendly area.
At Marpesholm, access is prohibited (bird protection area) during 15th March to 15th July.
The nature within the Marpes nature reserve is strongly characterized by the fact that the area has for a long time been grazed by sheep and most of the reserve is occupied by a mosaic of sparse, low-growing pine forest, bare limestone lands, alvar lands, wetlands and small bogs with Great Fen-Sedge. The character plant above others on lean, summer-dry pastures is the Vincetoxicum hirundinaria (Tulkört), which is poisonous and therefore not eaten by the sheep. Other common species are thyme, yellow mauve, white fat bud, chives and diferent types of thistle. Read more.


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