Ullsbod/Västriv fishing village

The fishing village is located on the northern shore of Alnäsaviken.

Ullsbod, also called Husbod, consists of sheds in stone and wood from the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The size of the sheds varies.
An extremely small timber shed can be even older and is in that case one of Gotland’s oldest preserved wooden buildings. A couple of stone sheds have fallen into disrepair and are ruins. A stone boat shed is built on the shore next to a fairly modern jetty.
Ulvsbod/Västriv fishing village has a great cultural-historical interest as it is reminiscent of the household needs fishing traditions well into modern times. The fishing village environment was pointed out as culturally and historically particularly valuable in the 1982 cultural heritage program.

Until the 1970s, extensive household fishing was conducted at Ulsbod, where an old landing and parts of gistgarden (the Gotlandic word for a place to dry the nets) were used. However, the changes had begun. Of the seven sheds, two were in very poor condition and one was used for overnight stays.


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