Norsta Auren

Norsta Auren - perhaps Fårö's very best sandy beach, must be experienced.

Norsta Aurar is an elongated sandy beach on Avanäs, on the northeastern tip of Fårö. The beach stretches from Skärsändan to Holmudden with Fårö lighthouse. The beach is unusually convex, which makes the water colder than on other beaches on Fårö. Norsta Aurar is a popular haunt for nude bathers.
Natural sandy beach without any facilities on the northern part of Fårö. The beach starts a few hundred meters west of Fårö lighthouse and is 4 km long, ie as long as Sudersand’s sandy beach. Norsta Aurar is, however, much more desolate and more wild with large dunes in the middle. At both ends there is a road near the beach and there are most of the people.
Otherwise, many sunbathe and bathe naked and you can also see some walking naked along the water’s edge. It is possible to cycle almost all the way from end to end.


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